Five simple sustainable swaps to get you started

Happy Earth Day!

Are you ever daunted by the thought of sustainability and don’t know where to start?

I’ll admit I’ve still got a long way to go, but here are some ridiculously easy sustainable swaps I’ve discovered.

Sustainable Cotton Buds:

It’s 2021 guys, if you’re still using plastic cotton buds you really need to get with the sustainability programme!

There are so many companies offering sustainable alternatives nowadays, such as bamboo cotton buds.

This is one of the easiest changes you can make which will make a huge difference. 

Sustainable food packaging:

I’ve always thought cling film is a bit naff anyway, what about you? 

It’s also so damaging for the environment and can take up to 12 months to biodegrade. 

A great option is to start using beeswax wraps or silicone lids.

We recently purchased some of these fantastic silicone lids which are a great solution for keeping your food fresh and will last a lifetime. 

Sustainable bathing:

Plastic loofahs release harmful micro-plastics which after floating down your plug hole, end up floating around in our oceans forever.

Swap out those horrible plastic loofahs and buy an eco-friendly option.

A natural loofah is 100% biodegradable and can even be composted after you have used it.

Sustainable dish washing:

Another easy swap – buying sustainable dish scrubbers.

Those sponges you are using to wash your dishes every day also contain microplastic, washing straight down your drains and into our oceans.

This one is made from coconut husk and is 100% natural and biodegradable.

They are healthier, nontoxic and a great eco-friendly alternative. Not a single microplastic in sight.

Sustainable homemade cleaning products:

Perhaps more of an advanced option but try swapping some of your shop bought home products for some homemade ones.

This week I made my own fabric freshener from lavender essential oils and it smells amazing.

Get yourself a glass spray bottle, some sustainable essential oils, add some water and you’ve got yourself a great homemade fabric freshener.

This can be refilled and reused without any plastic waste and will save you money in the long run.

I hope this helps some of you on your journey toward a more sustainable life.

Lauren x


Reconnecting with the ocean

I had my first cold water swimming experience with my mum on Sunday.

What can I say? Well I checked…I still have all my toes.

Pardon me if all this all sounds a bit deep and meaningful, but I truly believe to have a real care for the ocean we must first have a connection with it.

I don’t even necessarily believe that this must be a physical connection…this can be through reading or watching documentaries. Just taking an interest. If you want to watch Finding Nemo and call it a day, go for it.

The ocean is such an integral part of this world. It produces half of the air you’re breathing right now as you scroll. Need I say more?

Sometimes I feel this is the reason why many people haven’t taken an interest in using less plastic. If you never use, see or feel the ocean then why care about it. But we must.

Luckily, I live a short drive from the coast and do most of my walking around there. However, I can’t remember the last time I swam in the sea in this country. Especially during the winter months.

Take my breath away

I’m going to admit I went into my first cold water swim very overconfident. It’s just the ocean, right? How bad can it be? Because my mum was so nervous it made me want to be brave for both of us.

Literally within seconds I found I couldn’t catch my breath; I couldn’t stop myself gasping for air.

‘Remember take deep breaths…deeeep breaths’, my mum kept saying and she wasn’t wrong.

After the initial shock of the cold water, we soon settled into a pattern of breathing and kept our bodies moving. It felt amazing. Amazing that we’d done it. Here we were after weeks of talking about it, ordering all sorts…we were in there, literally like swimwear.

I’m sure as cold-water swimming continues to grow in popularity you’ve all heard the endless benefits to our mental health, circulation, the immune system and much more.

All I can say is I had the best cup of tea after that swim and it felt great to be back in the big blue.

Why not give it a try?

We’re off for our second dip on Sunday morning, wish us luck!

Lauren x

Do you ever get the eye rollers?

I get them all the time.

The people who spot you from a mile away…

‘Here she comes, the crazy plastic lady!’

My old work colleagues probably praise the day I started working from home due to the pandemic. Even my parents get bored of my constant nagging about how much plastic waste they produce. But is it nagging or education?

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Yes it is! Especially when it comes to the environment and facing up to our responsibility to protect it. It’s far too easy for us to just think on an individual basis.

What’s one more plastic bottle right?

Unfortunately the vast majority of the 7.6 billion people on this planet are thinking the same. That’s when plastic becomes a huge problem.

But I’m going to recycle it, right?

Unfortunately of the 8.3bn tonnes of virgin plastic produced worldwide, only 9% has been recycled. So really sticking that plastic bottle in your recycling bin probably isn’t helping either.

I hold my hands up and admit I still buy plastic. Sadly the world we live in very few of the products we use are available in alternative packaging, I wish this wasn’t the case. Very few people will pay a penny more for that peanut butter in a glass jar rather than a plastic tub.

Why should I?

Well in my opinion you should. How much longer can we go on burying our heads in the sand and pretending we aren’t the problem?

All in all…I’ve ended up here.

Ive created this blog because I want, no, need to connect with like minded people.

I believe educating each other about environmental issues is paramount.

Especially our children.

Earlier this year I began writing my first children’s book based around educating the future generation about our plastic use and it’s effect on the ocean. My hope is this book will raise awareness of the issue in an open, charming and engaging way. (If that’s even possible) …I’m going to try!

This blog will include updates on it’s progress so stay tuned.

I will also be sharing some general advice on how to live more sustainably, including some amazing products and retailers I’ve come across along the way.

Until then I salute you fellow ocean lovers and plastic haters! Keep fighting the good fight.

Lauren x